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Dangerous Driving Habits

St. Petersburg, Russia, November 23, 2018 minor collision of expensive cars on the road at night

Vehicles have become crucial part of our lives today, but they could be very dangerous if driven incorrectly. Cautious drivers know that full attention is required if one is stepping behind the wheels. The best way to practice save driving is for the driver to follow good driving principles.

There are some actions that take away our focus while driving puts us at a higher risk of auto collisions and accidents. Many technical innovations today can distract us. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio knows that auto accidents are a hassle that no one wants to deal with. Here are just few of the activities that we must avoid doing while inside a moving car.

Putting too much attention to the radio

One of the leading causes of distracted driving is when the driver is trying too hard to find the right music or volume when driving. Without realizing it, this puts us at risk.  A recent study indicates that drivers who keep on messing with their auto sound system while driving are in fact two times more likely to swerve out of control.

Calling or texting while driving

St. Petersburg, Russia, November 23, 2018 minor collision of expensive cars on the road at night

Using mobile phones while behind the steering wheel has accounted about a thousand auto accidents every year. Texting is also a growing epidemic that has caused a lot of auto related deaths. Regardless of this high number, there are still a lot of people doing this dangerous habit. There are an increasing number of cities and states that have started to ban using mobile phones while driving, but despite conscious efforts this problem continues to persist.

Putting Makeup

There are some women who are proud of having the ability to apply makeup while driving. This shouldn’t be the case. A few seconds of inattentiveness can always lead to an auto collision.

Drinking and Driving

Take it from a lot of Hollywood personalities – nothing good happens when we drink and drive. The influence of alcohol has in fact caused nearly ten thousand deaths each year. This high number should be enough to keep anyone’s hands away from the booze when driving.