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What Even Great Drivers Need To Know About Car Accidents

We know that you’re a good driver who enjoys riding out with your family and friends every other weekend. And we also know that you’ve come across several collisions, some of them fatal, that could’ve been avoided, if only the driver paid more attention to the road. But that is the subject for another day.

Damaged car dashboard

So it is inevitable that once in a while a collision center pops up in your mind. And in the event, God forbid, that you find yourself in a collision situation, what do you do? Do you have a collision center in mind that could rush to your rescue? Does it have the capacity to repair your car, so it looks almost like new?

Welcome to Miracle Body and Paint.

Miracle Body and Paint has built a reputation as the leading collision center in San Antonio. And with good reason. As the city’s leading collision repair provider, your complete satisfaction isn’t just a small goal to us. It is what drives us. That is why restoring the rhythm of your motoring life to the full is our only goal. Here are the reasons we’ve built an impeccable reputation in San Antonio and beyond:

•    We repair all makes and models including luxury makes

•    We provide dent removal, collision replacement, glass replacement, body repairs and much more

•    We offer free online estimates to our customers

•    More insurance companies refer to us than any other collision company in San Antonio.

•    We accommodate all insurance companies

•    We are committed to environmental protection, health, and safety

•    We conduct refresher courses for our technicians to keep them updated on latest car repairs and collision techniques.

As good as new

Male Motorist With Whiplash Injury In Car Crash Getting Out Of Vehicle

We know that you worry if your car will regain its original shape and beauty after the collision. But with our team of experienced professionals, we strive to give your repair job our best shot, unlike some collision centers, notorious for using sub-standard parts and charging you amounts that could break the bank.

At Miracle Body and Paint, we’ve set ourselves apart by using the best there is on offer. We’ve taken time to study most models that ply American roads, and so we know where to source the best parts.

An insurer headache

Two men looking at cars collision on road, woman standing near car.

If you’ve been involved in a collision previously, then you know how nasty an insurer headache can be. But at Miracle Body Paint, you drop your car and leave everything to us. We not only know how to handle repairs but also insurers.