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DIY Fixes for Car Dents

Repairing dents in a car

Car accidents that leave a car with only a few dents can be repaired with one of the do-it-yourself or DIY repairs discussed in an article on This article is the second part of the two-part series on DIY fixes for car dents. Four DIY fixes will be discussed in this article.

Shallow dents are easy to repair with a DIY fix. And, the success of a DIY fix is also dependent on the type of material a car exterior is made of. Dents and other car damage a DIY repair can’t fix can be handled by expert (paint and bodywork) auto shops like Miracle Body and paint. The company is voted #1 in auto body repair in San Antonio, Texas. Get a free online assessment now for a hassle-free cost estimate!

DIY Dent Repair
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Using a Vacuum Cleaner and a Pot

One way to remove a dent is by creating a suction that can pull the dent back in place. In (collision repair), the problem is finding a dent puller with enough power for the task. The solution: creating a dent puller tool with a vacuum cleaner, a pot or a bucket and some tape. To do it, create a hole underneath the pot, and then tape the pot around the dent. Put the vacuum cleaner hose through the hole and turn on the vacuum. The suction action should remove the dent.

Using Hot Glue, Screws and Wooden Dowels

A DIY removal of dents can sometimes do more harm than good. A bad repair job may result in chipping the paint or making the dent even larger. An expert (paint and bodywork) auto shop like Miracle Body and paint must do the repair job. However, one safe way to put a dent back in place is by using wooden dowels, a glue gun and a few screws. To prepare the wooden dowels, place two nails into both sides of the dowel and put glue on the bottom of the dowel. Glue the dowels on areas around the dent and leave them to dry. When the dowels are already dry, remove them one by one until the dent is removed. Repeat the process as needed. Make sure to have enough glue and patience. Removing glue residue from the car can be done using heat or alcohol.

Using a Long Metal Rod and a Knockdown

The shape of a dent on a metal exterior of the car goes inward, while its edges are protruding. A long metal rod is used to fix the dent from underneath it, and a knockdown or tap down tool, whether wooden or rubber, is used to fix the dent on its top side.

Using a Specialty Tool

Specialty tools like the Pops-a-Dent tool or a suction cup dent removal are also useful items to have to repair car dents. The two tools are good options if not having success with any of the DIY fixes mentioned.