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Texas Law and the Windshield

Broken car windshield glass from stone. Damaged windscreen on vehicle, close up

A windshield does not just prevent debris and liquids from entering the car. It also provides support to the roof so the roof does not collapse during an auto collision. As a car part that is designed to protect drivers and passengers, the windshield is bound by requirements set by the Texas law. So, a driver in Texas can benefit from knowing the windshield laws in Texas, as stated in an article on ProctorCars.com. This article is part one of the two-part series about what the Texas law requirements are for windshields.

Windshield Repair
Texas Law

Texas Law Requirements

In the state of Texas, the law does not state that windshields are a requirement on vehicles. However, there are requirements that need to be followed when a car has one.  A local (paint and body shop) can help with the requirements. One requirement is to equip a windshield with windshield wipers that a driver is able to control. The wipers should effectively remove rain and moisture from the windshield. Another Texas law requirement is for the wipers to have wiper blades that are free from cracks and tears and must touch the glass evenly. One other requirement is to ensure that the windshield and the window glass is made of safety glass. The type of glass has two layers of glass that are attached to each other by a layer of polyvinyl-butyral or PVB. The construction of the safety glass greatly decreases the chances of shards of glass flying into the car if the windshield is broken or struck. A broken windshield is a safety hazard. Get it repaired or replaced at Miracle Body and Paint, the trusted auto (body shop) in San Antonio, Texas.


The state of Texas also has laws for potential obstructions that affect the driver’s view of the roadway, which can lead to an (auto accident) One of them is to prohibit materials or items from being placed in or attached to the windshield because they keep the driver from getting a clear view of the roadway and intersecting roadways. Another requirement is to not permit materials or signs to be placed in the side or rear windows because they also keep the driver from getting a clear view of the roadways. One more requirement regarding obstructions is to make sure that labels and stickers that are required by law are placed in the lower corners of the windshield.

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