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Insurance Coverage and Hail Damage

Large hail ice balls on car hood after heavy summer storm

Predicting the weather in Texas can be difficult. For this reason, cars can get hail damage and may need (paint and bodywork) auto shop to remedy the problem. And, as car repairs as a result of hail damage can be costly, there is the question of whether car insurance will cover them. The question is answered at length in an article on

If a policy holder has comprehensive coverage, insurance may cover interior damage, windshield and auto body repair jobs. On the other hand, a policy holder that has auto liability coverage, does not have auto liability coverage

San Antonio Hail Damage Repair
Close up on damaged car because of hail

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Vs. Auto Liability Coverage

Comprehensive insurance coverage is likely to cover insurance repair jobs. The coverage extends to damages to a car that is not caused by a collision, which include animal damage, storm damage and damage due to falling objects like hail. Hail can create dings and dents in the body of a car. It can also crack or shatter glass and create interior water damage.

Auto liability coverage does not include (collision repair) jobs for hail damage. The insurance policy is required in most states, however. It is because the coverage allows a policy holder to get help if at fault in a car accident. The coverage will take care of the other driver’s property damages and medical bills. But auto liability coverage does not cover medical bills or car repair jobs of the policy holder.

Paying a Deductible for Hail Damage

A deductible is an out-of-pocket expense of a policy holder when they make a claim. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), as stated in the article on, having a higher deductible on a policy may help lower the premium of a policy holder. However, people who live in Texas, where hailstorms often occur may want to think about whether or not they can afford paying the deductible after making a hail claim.

The glass portion of an insurance coverage may include waiving of the deductible. For instance, an insurer may waive the deductible if glass is repaired instead of replaced. There is also an option to include full glass coverage in an insurance policy for policy holders to not incur a deductible when making any glass claim.

While car damages due to hailstorms are often unavoidable in the state of Texas, the (paint and bodywork) repair shop Miracle Body and paint can work with policy holders and insurance companies when it comes to filing claims. The company which is voted #1 in San Antonio, Texas can also help lower the deductible on a hail claim. Get a free online estimate now!