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Filing a Auto Accident Report in Texas

Male Motorist Involved In Car Accident Taking Picture Of Damage For Insurance Claim

There is no telling when a car crash might happen. In any state in America, there is always a possibility of getting in a car crash.

A collision presents many problems to involved parties. A repair or replacement of parts and components of a car by a (collision center), for example, is almost always necessary after a car accident, and it requires filing claims with the insurance company. Physical injuries as a result of a car crash can lead to hospitalization. And, under Texas law, there is still a need to report the accident to the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) if there is no investigation by a police officer or result in damage to vehicles or property over $1,000 or physical injury or death. Know how to file a Texas car accident report, as stated in an article on

The CR-2 Form

The CR-2 form from DOT is the form that needs to be accomplished when filing a (auto accident) report. The form, which is also known as β€˜The Blue Form,’ must be completed by the person filing the report, the insurance agent and the owner of the vehicle or the legal representative. The report must be filed 10 days after the accident.

A Texas car crash report must have the following details:

  • The place and time of the car crash
  • The name, address and place of birth of all motor vehicles who are involved in the accident.
  • The driver’s license information, particularly the state of license and license number, of all operators of motor vehicles involved in the accident.
  • The driver’s license and plate number and state of all motor vehicle operators who are involved in the accident.
  • The name and address of all policy holders and the name of their insurance
  • The name and address of all registered owners of motor vehicles who are involved in the accident
  • A summary of what took place during the motor vehicle accident
  • Weather and road conditions at the time the accident happened

There is also another form from DOT that needs to be accomplished. It is called the CR-3 form. According to, obtaining a copy of the form after it has been processed by the department can bolster the impact of a car accident insurance claim. Get help in filing insurance claims from Miracle Body and Paint auto (body shop), the trusted (paint and body shop) in San Antonio, Texas. The company will work with the insurance company to process car accident insurance claims.