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Tips on Car Rust Prevention

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When a car problem involves rust, it must be a cause for concern. Repairs that deal with rust problems can be costly and extensive. Rust damage is not only unsightly but also dangerous. It can weaken car parts and components that are designed to also protect occupants of a car in case of an accident. A car bumper, for example, is very effective in shock absorption in an event of a car accident. But, when the bolts that put a car bumper in place become corroded by rust, the car bumper itself may not provide shock absorption during an auto collision. It is important to get a car to a (collision center) when a rust problem is no longer manageable.

There are ways to protect a car from rust damage, however. An article on offers useful pieces of advice on quality car care that addresses rust problems.

Auto Body Rust Prevention and Repair
Silver car broken side with damaged metal with rusty paint and corrosion above the tire

Storing a Car Indoors

Keeping a car in an enclosed space when it is not in use is an excellent way to protect it from elements that cause rust damage. Parking a car outside presents many problems that can lead to auto (body shop) repairs, and here are some of them:

  • Car damage as a result of hailstorms or impact of falling tree branches because of high winds.
  • Flooding (when a lot of rain falls in a short period of time) that causes severe damage to a car
  • Rust as a result of a car’s prolonged exposure to snow melts, rainwater or salts that are spread on streets to increase traction

Regular and Thorough Cleaning of a Car

Cleaning and drying a car by hand is the best way to prevent rust from forming on car parts and components. Running a car through a car wash to clean it quickly is okay, but it usually does not get the best results. Cleaning by hand that involves using a pipe cleaner and elbow grease reaches areas that often rust, including drain holes that are near the bottom of the car doors. It is also recommended to dry the car by hand with the use of soft cloth to prevent rust and streaking. Waxing a car a few times a year further helps in rust prevention.

First Signs of Rust

The beginning of a rust problem affects the paint on the car. In the first stage of a rust problem, car paint is usually  already corroded or has already changed color. The problem can lead to the eventual corrosion of the metal itself, which is the last stage of rust damage. When it happens, it is best to get help from an experienced technician. The technicians at Miracle Body and Paint, for example, have more than 10 years of car repair experience, which allows them to handle any rust damage repair and (auto accident) jobs that come their way. Get a free online estimate now from the (paint and body shop)!