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How to Obtain a Car Crash Report to Build a Case

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Car accidents can happen to anyone. In Texas, there is always a chance of people getting in a car accident and having an auto (body shop) repair the damaged car. A road accident almost always results in car repair jobs by a (collision center) that will require filing claims to the insurance company of the person involved in a car crash. Claimants can get help with insurance processes from the (paint and body shop) where their car is being repaired.

The problem does not stop there. An  (auto accident) may also lead to a personal injury lawsuit. When the lawsuit becomes necessary, a lawyer requires the completion of the Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report, which is also known as the CR-3 form. The form helps build a case against the driver who is at fault in a car crash, and the claimant needs to give the lawyer a copy of the form. Know how to obtain a copy of a CR-3 form to make an informed decision, as stated in an article on


The CR-3 Form

The form that contains the report of the car accident can be obtained from the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT). The form is made available online by the DOT without a request, and it can be purchased as soon as it is available. A claimant only needs to pay a small amount to use the TxDOT report purchasing system. The reports available on the website of the DOT although available for purchase are not available for general viewing online by the public. And, there is a chance that the TxDOT system cannot retrieve the report using the information that a claimant has provided. If it is the case, the report cannot be purchased online and instead have to be ordered via email. There is a request form template from the DOT for email requests. The price of a CR-3 crash report varies depending on whether it is a standard or a certified copy.

Requirements to Obtain a CR-3 Form

A CR-3 form can only be obtained if a car crash results in either personal injury or death or vehicle and/or property damage that costs at least $1,000. The report must be obtained within 10 days after the date of the accident.

Who Can Obtain a CR-3 Form?

A CR-3 form is only released to a person directly involved in a car accident and has appropriate interest therein, including the following:

  • An authorized representative of the person involved in the accident
  • A driver who was in the accident
  • An employer, legal guardian, or parent of a person in the accident
  • A person who is financially responsible for a vehicle that was involved in the accident, as described in Texas Transportation Code 601.501, including a policy holder of a motor vehicle