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Get Perfect, Seamless and Long Lasting Paint Job At Miracle Body and Paint

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas will be continuing our discussion on paint jobs. Today we will be explaining why it is important for an auto body shop to have a car to look like it has not been involved in an auto collision.

We all know that once you drive your car away from the lot, it automatically drops value. The same goes with its paint. In fact, it starts losing its value the moment it leaves the assembly line and gets parked under the sun. All auto manufacturers aim to use only the best paint in the market so they can retain its high resell value. If a car is able to hold its value later on, these manufacturers can charge their clients more now. They can achieve this in many ways, paint being one of them. However, no paint is proven to last a lifetime. Those auto body shops that use cheap paint to fix a damaged car will just eventually result to a fading car. Some owners even notice the paint is deteriorating faster than the rest of the car. Then they are left with no choice but to have it redone in just after a year.

Because of this, Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas has mastered the matching and blending of DuPont’s paints to match any car color. Proper blending includes painting not only the damaged area but the area around it too. A paint job may already look consistent to a simple eye but a master painter can spot areas that are not. Miracle Body and paint uses advanced computer systems to efficiently match any paint color. Our trained painters then primes, paint and clear coats the areas in order to match the rest of the car. You can always expect a perfect, seamless and long lasting paint job from Miracle Body and Paint.

Same as paint, not all painters are of equal skill. Miracle Body and Paint hire only the best paint technicians in the market. We also give them the best tools so they can perform at their best. Let us show you the miracles we can do to your paint job needs.