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Keeping Auto Body Repair Cost Down — Part 1

There are many factors that go in to the cost of auto body repair. Most of the time people do not worry about the cost because their insurance company tends to pick up any cost over the deductable. There are those people however that choose to pay out of pocket to either because they do not have collision coverage, or they do not want to file a claim. Over the next few weeks we will cover 3 areas that determine Auto Body repair cost.

First we will cover the use of new, used, or aftermarket parts. We have covered this a few weeks back but this will be a little more detailed. New parts usually apply to newer cars where the manufacturer may still be making body panels or have a stock they are still shipping. These parts tend to cost more because they are factory original parts. These are also the rarest type of parts you will see placed on your car.

Used parts are also factory originals and are usually taken off of another car that has been sent to a salvage yard. That salvaged car may have had damage to other parts of the car that deemed it a total loss but the part you need may be in perfect shape or need minor repair. This is the preferred part for both the collision repair shop, insurance company and most vehicle owners because you get the benefit that it is a factory original but the price of the part is much lower.

If neither of those options is available, auto body repair shops will need to order an aftermarket part. These parts are usually made by companies who have been licensed by the manufacturer to make replacement parts for their cars. In some cases they may even be the shop that made the factory original. These parts tend to be pricey and because they are not factory originals some vehicle owners tend to shy away from these parts. However these parts are often the best parts available and as said before may be exactly what the factory used in production.

Next week will we discuss the role paint plays in keeping the cost down. If you find you are in an auto accident and need to know the cost of auto body repair, come by our collision center and let us provide you with a free auto body estimate.