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How An Auto Accident Affects Your Car’s Value

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Car owners would definitely agree that when one gets into an auto accident, seeing the physical damage done to your car hurts, no matter how little it may be. However, what is more heart-breaking is its effect on your car’s value.

Diminished value is the value of your car after it has been in a car accident. This may well be a huge percentage lower than the original value and is a permanent depreciation. It would be best if you consult with an expert for evaluation since several factors affect your car’s diminished value. However, it is important to note the most important ones:

a) the fact that your car has been in an accident,

b) the damages that your car acquired, and

c) how well the repairs were done to restore your car to its former glory.

The first factor is undeniable and can be detected by most repair experts even if you did not disclose it to anyone.

For most, the second one is the easiest to solve. You can get your car back in tip-top shape by going to San Antonio’s best  Body and Paint shop, Miracle Body and Paint, and erase any trace of the accident that your car has been in.

Rest assured, the mechanical repairs, body work and paint jobs we do are definitely superb, giving your car a look that’s as good as new. The better your car looks the more value it will carry when it is time to resell.

If you have been in an auto accident, stop by Miracle Body and Paint. We can get your car looking great and save you money on your deductable.