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Making the best choice when choosing a San Antonio Auto Body Shop

Close up of seatbelt with damaged webbing in door frame of crashed car. Broken auto glass on rain soaked roadway and inside car.

San Antonio has a lot of choices when it comes to choosing an auto body shop.  For most people involved in a collision or have some other damage done to their car, settling for the insurance companies preferred shop is good enough.  What a preferred auto body shop will not tell you is that they are preferred because they give discounts to the insurance company in exchange for the insurance company sending them customers.

This often transforms collision repair centers into shops that rely on volume to stay in business not quality. When you have a high volume of vehicles running through your shop and you don’t have multiple quality control checkpoints you will make mistakes, lots of them. This is one reason that many drivers who are concerned with the quality of the auto body repair work being done choose to go to Miracle Body and Paint. Miracle Body and Paint not only passes discounts on to the customer by offering deductable discounts, they also have multiple quality check points to make sure every vehicle is perfect before it leaves the shop.  Miracle knows that an independent San Antonio auto body shop needs to depend on happy loyal customers to stay in business, not the insurance company.

Before you leave your vehicle with any other collision repair center, go to Miracle Body and Paint, one of San Antonio’s A+ rated auto body shops by the BBB.