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How Can You Protect Your Car from Road Salt

Road salt sits on a walkway in December after a snowfall melted on a sunny day.

During winter, snow and ice make roads hazardous to drive on, and many vehicles skid out of control. For safety reasons, road crews have to spread road salt, sand, or a combination of both. On the good side, this improves traction and keeps motorists safe. On the other hand, though, this can wreak severe damage to your car if you are not keen enough. This is where your favorite professional auto body shop in San Antonio comes in to give you pointers on road salt damage protection.

How Does Road Salt Work?

Road salt, also known as rock salt, contains Sodium Chloride, which is instrumental in lowering the freezing point of water. When ice or snow are exposed to road salt, they require colder temperatures to stay in frozen mode. When more salt is placed upon the road surface, the formation of ice is going to be difficult.

Areas of Your Car Most Prone to Road Salt

In as much as road salt keeps the roads passable and safer, the same cannot be said about your vehicle. This is due to the chemical reactions that corrode any metal parts it touches. If the corrosion continues unchecked, it leads to the formation of rust that not only defaces your car but also lowers the resale value.

The following parts of your vehicle are commonly targeted by road salt:

  • Muffler and Exhaust System
  • Body Panels
  • Coil Springs
  • The Subframe

Because of the sodium chloride slush that is splashed under your vehicle while driving, the car’s undercarriage bears the brunt of the road salt. Besides, the corrosion might even start eating away your brake lines or axle. Unless professional auto services check the undercarriage of your car, you won’t discover the mayhem going on until it is beyond redemption.

Tips on Preventing Salt Damage

After your car runs over rock salt, the small particles lodge in hidden creases and crevices in your vehicle’s metal parts. To be able to reliably protect your car from salt damage, follow the instructions below.

  • During winter, wash your vehicle regularly. Every few weeks, run the car through a car wash and ensure that the undercarriage is extensively cleaned. This is especially critical after a massive snowfall.
  • When springs arrives, detail the vehicle thoroughly, even on the inside as road salt can damage carpeting, exposed metal, and floor mats.
  • Before winter, have your vehicle inspected by a qualified auto technician to ensure all rusted out parts are replaced.
  • When there is a snowplow in front of you dumping road salt, stay a few car lengths back to avoid being pelted.
  • Ensure that all noticeable deep scratches, chips, and rust spots are repaired before the first snowfall hits.

Contact Miracle Body and Paint for Professional Rust Damage Repair

The moment you notice rust damage on your car, waste no time calling the most accomplished auto body shop in San Antonio. At Miracle Body and Paint, we boast of experienced technicians and high-tech equipment to ensure that your car is restored like new. To add to the icing on the cake, our technicians will provide expert detailing services to protect your vehicle’s exterior and interior from road salt damage throughout the year.