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Paintless Dent Repair-What are the Benefits?

Bump on car with silver paint.

The reasons for dents on your car can range from a fender bender, hailstorm, or unknown causes when parked. Regardless of the reason, it can be pretty traumatizing and frustrating seeing dents in your otherwise perfect car. Of course, you wouldn’t have your vehicle looking like that, so looking for a professional auto body and paint repair shop in San Antonio would be your next best move. Do you know that paintless dent repair (PDR) is a superb way of doing away with the ugly dents leaving the damage virtually undetectable? Well, let’s look at the benefits of paintless dent repair.

The Car Retains Its Value

As opposed to regular repainting and body filler repairs, paintless dent repair can help retain the car’s value. With an experienced technician correcting the dents with cutting-edge PDR tools and techniques, there is no alteration to the authentic factory finish. This means that there won’t be cases of over spraying or paint color inconsistencies. This is mainly for luxury cars, and you don’t have to worry that their appearance and the alterations will be noticeable, making the resale value to plummet.

Saves a Significant Amount of Time     

The biggest complaint in the auto repair sector is the long duration it takes to repair vehicles. But with PDR, there is a faster turnaround on the repairs as the steps involved are fewer as compared to traditional repair techniques. You don’t have to wait for the primers and paint to dry. In most cases, you will get one-day service as opposed to the week or more that it could have taken for the old-fashioned way of dent repair.

Environmental Friendly

Another significant perk of PDR is that it is environmental-friendly. When traditional techniques are employed, solvent, paints, and toxic chemicals are released into the environment. These harmful chemicals emanating from auto paints, paint thinner, and body filler doesn’t do the environment justice and increases the risks of groundwater contamination. When you choose PDR, you opt for fewer chemicals which translates to a lower effect on the environment.

Lower Repair Costs

Bump on car with silver paint.

Paintless dent repair takes considerably less time than traditional repair. This means that the cost of labor is significantly lower. After factoring the amount of money that you save on materials such as expensive auto paint, body filler, primer, plus others, it is clear that PDR will save you tons of money. Besides, the less manpower, less time in the auto shop, and fewer tools all combine to save you money.

Paintless Dent Repair in San Antonio Texas

Here at Miracle Body and Paint Center, we are highly qualified and certified to offer superior paintless dent repair services. As the most professional auto body and paint repair shop in San Antonio, you can rely on us to restore your car to impeccable standards. For collision repair, PDR, or even auto detailing, call us today and we will deliver beyond your expectations.