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How to File a Car Insurance Claim for Hail Damages

SOFIA, BULGARIA - JULY 8: Flood after hail storm in Sofia, Bulgaria on JULY 8, 2014.

Hailstorms happen frequently in the state of Texas, where weather can become unpredictable. Hailstorms are also common across the United States. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III), as stated in an article on, hailstorms create damage to thousands of properties in the United States.

To protect a car from hail damage, consider getting a car cover, which is also known as hail protection blanket. Insurance policy holders may get help for hail damages to a car if they have comprehensive coverage. Those who only have limited liability coverage, however, do not get hail damage coverage for their car

hail damage on the hood of a blue car

Filing a Claim for Hail Damages

Filing a car insurance claim involves coordinating with a claim adjuster and an (paint and bodywork) repair to figure out how much a hail damage repair will cost. The auto body repair shop Miracle Body and Paint provides a free online estimate of repairs through the website. The repair shop is voted #1 in San Antonio, Texas and is affiliated with insurance companies. Auto body repair shops like Miracle Body and Paint can work with a claim adjuster to determine whether or not the insurance company will cover the repairs.

A damaged car is considered ‘totaled’ if the repair costs go beyond the depreciated value of the car. A policy holder with comprehensive coverage for the car will still get help from the insurance company even when their car is already totaled. The insurance company will still cut a check for the actual value of the car, which can then be used by the policy holder to buy a new vehicle.

If the car is not totaled, the policy holder can get help from the insurance company for (collision repair) s. In another article on, possible hail damages are enumerated by Colorado Auto Body. They damages are as follows:

  • Dents that can be found in the sides of a car, in the doors, hood and trunk
  • Broken or cracked mirrors or windows
  • Stuck or damaged door jambs

It is important to protect a car from hail damages to avoid costly repairs. But, in the state of Texas where hailstorms occur very frequently, an insurance policy with comprehensive coverage will be a huge help to the policy holder who needs to pay a (paint and bodywork) repair shop a visit.