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How You Can Save On Car Maintenance Repairs (PART 1)
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How You Can Save On Car Maintenance Repairs (PART 2)

ways_on_how_to_save_on_car_maintenance_6Here are more smart and practical ways on how you save on car maintenance, brought to you by Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas.

Keep important auto parts warm

Remember that starting a cold engine wears it a great deal. This is because all of the oil just sits at the bottom rather than distributed on the moving parts. When you don’t let your engine warm, your inside motor will be damaged by combustion by-products, such as water, collect in the oil as time passes and turns to sludge. If possible, avoid short and unnecessary trips since your car’s engine won’t have enough time to get hot and boil the water out of the oil and engine.

ways_on_how_to_save_on_car_maintenance_7Don’t be dependent on your car dealer

There are a lot of instances when car dealers scare owners of voiding their warranties if they choose an independent auto repair shop. If you keep your paperwork and have done the maintenance on time with quality parts, no need to worry. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act can protect you. You may not notice but dealers can be more expensive when it comes to basic servicing. Don’t be afraid to do a bit of research or checking with a reliable auto body repair shop for any maintenance work.

ways_on_how_to_save_on_car_maintenance_8Consider not spinning your wheels during tire rotation

You can put tire rotation at the bottom of your car maintenance to-do-list. When your car is already up for an inspection or other service, you can just ask the mechanic to put the wheels back in different spots. More and more tires are going directional (identified with a v-shaped tread pattern) which makes rotation less likely since they can only go either on the left or right side of the car.

Never ignore the oil light

Stop and turn off the engine as soon as you see something happen to the oil. It may have something to do with oil level or oil-change interval, but it can also mean bigger problems especially if it’s the oil pressure light.  Check your manual to see what exactly you’re dealing with.