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Keeping Auto Body Repair Cost Down — Part 2

If  you have ever been in a minor auto accident you probably got to a point where you tried to determine whether or not you should pay for the repair yourself or file a auto collision claim. Because the financial impact an accident can have on your business could be substantial many people choose to pay for their own repairs, even when the cost is more than their deductible. Last week we discussed how the parts determine cost, this week we will explain the role paint plays in the car repair cost.

The percentage of auto body repair cost that paint plays can very from one repair to the next. Quality paints cost more than low quality paints because they last longer and keep the true color longer. Few people know exactly how much effort goes into painting a car.  There are several steps in the process, here are just a few to give you an idea. Keep in mind all these steps take place after the paint has been mixed to perfectly match the color of your car.

1. Sand and Prep the auto body part that will be painted.

2. Tape and cover any parts that are not going to be painted. (other parts of the car if the part is still attached.)

3. Apply primer to the auto body part so the paint will stick better.

4. Smooth and prep for color.

5.  Apply the base color.

6. Smooth and prep for metallic coat.

7. Apply metallic layer if applicable.

8. Smooth and Prep for clear coat.

9. Apply clear coat.

10. Pop the car in the Oven. (Heat seals the paint)

There are several steps in between but this gives you an idea of the amount of work that goes into creating your paint job on your car. Applying auto body paint is an art and as you can see there are a lot of materials that go into the painting of a damaged vehicle. Next week will discuss the cost associated with labor. If you need auto collision repair, or if you have had hail damage, please let Miracle Body and Paint provide you with a free auto body and paint repair estimate.