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Keeping Auto Body Repair Cost Down — Part 3

If you ever decide to pay for your auto body repair out of pocket, it is important to know that the largest area for you to save money in is labor cost. At Miracle Body and Paint we discount our labor cost by 15% on what we would normally charge an insurance company if they were paying for a repair. The labor cost for auto body repair is determined by the Insurance board of the State of Texas. Because we work more efficiently we are able to cut cost and pass the savings on to you.

Another way we save you money on labor cost is by discussing with you if there are damaged areas you may choose not to repair because the damage is so minor. Sometimes a joining pieces to the damaged part of the vehicle may get scratched or dinged but have no functional damage. By choosing not to repair those areas you could save hundreds of dollars on labor as well as parts. You saw last week how much work goes into the paint repair process. simply choosing to leave a small ding could add up to big savings if your on a budget.

At Miracle Body and Paint we are 100% committed to servicing the San Antonio Community. We do the absolute best auto body repair work money can buy. We also service our clients better than anyone around. We want you to be completely satisfied with your repairs and want to deliver a repair you can be proud of.  Stop by our San Antonio location and let our team show you how much we can save you on your next Auto Body Repair.