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Preparing for an Unexpected Auto Accident or Collision

It’s true that auto accidents and auto collisions cannot be avoided. To be always safe, make sure to keep certain items inside your car for emergency purposes.  These essential items can help you if ever you find yourself involved in an unexpected auto accident or auto collision. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio lists the things that you should always have inside your car. We suggest putting some of them into a well-packed box in the trunk so you can easily access it if needed.

  • Put your car owner’s manual inside the glove box. The owner’s manual can provide you with useful information in case you encounter car problems on the road. You can check it if you need to perform detailed car procedures such as how to change the tires.
  • Consider keeping an old but fully charged cell phone inside your car. , A cell phone can still be powered on to contact 911 even without a subscription.
  • Warm blankets are a must which can help keep you warm up until help arrives
  • Battery-powered radio with extra batteries are very useful especially if you are stuck in dangerous weather conditions
  • Keep a few bottled water handy in case of emergency situations
  •  It is still better to have maps of the area where you are travelling to instead of solely relying on GPS to guide you around.
  • Always keep jumper cables if ever your battery dies in the middle of the road.
  • Always be prepared and keep a first aid kit near you.
  • Spare tires are essential especially  if you find yourself with a flat tire
  • Road flares are very useful especially if you are driving during the night and encounter engine malfunction.
  • Flash light that has extra batteries can help you when you are changing your tires in a dark or poorly lit road.
  • A bottle of WD-40 is an all-around item you can use for many purposes
  • Make sure you always have small amount of money and change in your car
  • If its winter season, make sure you carry a shovel at the back if ever you find yourself stuck in snow