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Safety Tips for Winter Driving

Safety Tips for Winter Driving Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

We are currently halfway through ourΒ winter season. Even if it happens yearly, a lot of people still needs to be constantly reminded on how to drive safely in during this season. Here are a few reminders from Miracle Body and Paint inΒ San Antonio to help keep everyone safe on the roads during this winter season:

  1. During winter, there is always a high chance of a vehicle break down. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to get a roadside assistance membership. This membership can help if your car battery suddenly dies or if it needs a tow from a ditch or snowbank. It can get pretty difficult if you’re alone during these instances. Consider roadside assistance as an investment that can help your during any vehicle mishap.
  2. A lot of drivers keep a vehicle winter safety kit that includes scraper with brush, small shovel, washer fluid and many more. Aside from this, you can also consider having a personal survival kit that can help you if ever you find yourself stranded in the road. You can include extra gloves, socks, toilet paper, non-perishable food, drinking water among others. Think of items that can help you stay comfortable until help arrives.
  3. There are some drivers who continue to travel even if their cars are covered in snow. Make sure to clear it off before driving . Make sure to also clean windows, mirrors, headlights and tail lights. Get up earlier than normal so you can have the time to clear all the accumulated snow off your car after an overnight snowfall.
  4. Your headlights and taillights can get grimy as you drive along slushy roads. Clean your lights if you’re at the gas station with the squeegee they provide. By doing this, you can ensure that you can see better ahead of you and also the drivers behind you. Night driving can also get easier and safer if you have clean headlights.
  5. Β During winter, some drivers pump the brakes in order to stop. This technique may stop your vehicle, but it takes generally longer. You extend your stopping distance every time you lift your foot from the break pedal. What you can do is to brake early and gradually increase the break pressure until you fully stop.If your car doesn’t have anti lock brakes, threshold brakes may also work well.