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The Most Common Repairs that Auto Body Shops Offer

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Car accidents can happen to anyone, even to the most careful of drivers with good driving habits. Let’s face it; careless drivers are everywhere, and being in an auto collision is always a possibility. After a collision, the best chance of your car retaining its superb former self is by visiting a professional auto body shop that will provide services such as windshield repair in San Antonio as well as paint and bodywork for auto accidents and car collisions. Let’s look at the services that will be at your disposal.

  1. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)                                                                 

Your car’s body panel and the door can get noticeable ugly dents from hail, pebbles, and grocery carts. If left unchecked, these dents can lead to extensive damage to the paintwork that can be very costly. This is where paintless dent removal comes in to gently push the dents back without damaging the paintwork.

  • Auto Body Painting

Auto body painting is one of the most popular services offered at Miracle Paint and Body. This repair can be done after an auto collision, as a precaution to protect the car’s exterior from weathering, or solely for aesthetic reasons.

It is important to note that though the damage might seem minimal after a collision, unrepaired chips and scratches might lead to increased damage to the paint or rust. At times, you want your car to look like a million dollars, and what better way than a new paint job?

  • Frame Repair and Alignment

While frame damage is not easily noticed at times and can easily be overlooked, you cannot afford to drive a defective car. In case your vehicle pulls to the right or left or shakes while driving, this is a clear sign that it needs frame repair or alignment. In most cases, frame and alignment repair is usually done hand in hand with collision repair.

  • Repairs and Replacement from Miracle Auto Glass Center

After a car accident, the windows on your car might get damaged in several ways. From total breaking to minor chips and cracks, getting to your trusted windshield repair in San Antonio expert is highly recommended. Any self-respecting auto body shop should have a glass repair and installation expert on its team.