Tire Inspection for Winter Weather

Important Winter Car Care Tips

In the cold months of Winter you don’t want to get stranded on the side of the road in the cold temperatures. Here are some simple […]
San Antonio Winter Driving Safety Concerns Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

How to drive in wintery conditions

Road Icing: Safety Tips to Remember The #1 icy road driving tip: Reduce your speed. … The #2 icy road driving tip: Don’t drive on icy […]

How Seat Belts Keep Us Safe in an Auto Collision

According to theNational Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), seat belt use saves approximately 15,000 lives annually. The safest decision that both passengers and the driver […]

Tips on Keeping Older Vehicles Functioning Well for Longer

A few years back, the common practice was to keep a vehicle for a couple of years then trade it in. Today, things have changed, and […]

Keeping Auto Body Repair Prices Down – 3 easy ways

Auto body repair prices can be very costly if you want the job done right. For many people the insurance provider will pick up the majority […]

Mistakes People make trying to save money on Auto Body Repair Cost

Last week we discussed ways to save money on your deductable. Many people often have ideas of their own on how to save money on auto […]

Wind Damage and Auto Body Repair

If you live in San Antonio and suffered damage to your vehicle from the wind gust that came through this weekend you may have questions on […]

San Antonio’s best Auto Body Shop

At Miracle Body and Paint we have built a reputation for offering the best collision repair in San Antonio along with saving people hundreds of dollars […]

How An Auto Accident Affects Your Car’s Value

Car owners would definitely agree that when one gets into an auto accident, seeing the physical damage done to your car hurts, no matter how little […]

Making the best choice when choosing a San Antonio Auto Body Shop

San Antonio has a lot of choices when it comes to choosing an auto body shop.  For most people involved in a collision or have some […]

Auto Body Repair – Not just for Collisions

At Miracle Body and Paint we deal with much more then just auto accidents and collision repair. Much of the work we do is a result of Nature […]

Collision Repair, Comprehensive Coverage, Liability Insurance and Your Deducible Discount – Part 2

Miracle Auto Body and Paint wants to help you make the best decision possible when choosing a San Antonio auto body repair shop. In this three […]

Collision Repair, Comprehensive Coverage, Liability Insurance and Your Deducible Discount – Part 1

Many people that come in to our collision center in San Antonio ask us, “how does my deductable apply to this damage?” Over the next few […]

What Auto Body Repair Shops don’t want you to know.

You ever notice how often an auto body repair shop can change names. It seems like every few years a shop gets bought out by some […]

One San Antonio Body and Paint Shop stands above the rest.

For over 26 years Miracle Body and Paint has been the choice for nearly half a million people living in San Antonio, Leon Valley, Helotes and […]