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The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment for Your Car’s Safety and Performance

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of proper wheel alignment for your car’s safety and performance. Misalignments can drastically affect handling, steering and brakes in […]

Maintain Your Car’s Tires To Limit Your Risk Of A Collision

Tires are one of the most essential components of your car, contributing to safety, handling, ride quality and braking performance. To guarantee optimal performance from these […]

Winter Tire Inspection Tips

It’s winter, and your body might be feeling the cold. But just think about how your tires perform on icy roads. Your tires are a key […]

Car Maintenance Tips (Part I): Telling Car Problems by Sense of Sight and Smell

Car maintenance can prevent costly repair jobs in the future. (Auto accident)s as well as wear and tear can cause parts of a car to malfunction. […]

Importance of Car Maintenance — A Collision Centers Advice

Performing routine car maintenance is beneficial to a car owner. One benefit is to prevent car accidents. But, apart from reducing the risk of car accidents, […]

Going on a Road Trip? How to Get Your Car Ready

After months of driving on icy and wet roads, spring comes with an untamable desire to load up and go for a road trip. Nothing beats […]
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How To Prepare For Auto Accidents, Collisions & Emergencies

We all know auto accidents and auto collisions are unavoidable. As a precautionary measure, it is best to keep certain items inside your car for emergency […]
Tire Inspection for Winter Weather

Tire Inspection for Winter Weather

It’s the dead of winter and your body may be hating the cold; just imagine how your tires are faring out there on the icy roads. […]

Must Do Checks for Older Cars

Located in San Antonio, Texas and with over 30 years of experience as an auto body shop and collision center, here at Miracle Body & Paint, […]
Car Care: Don't Ignore Your Spare Tire Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Car Care: Don’t Ignore Your Spare Tire

The lowly spare tire doesn’t usually get much respect. In fact, a lot of vehicles nowadays don’t even come with a spare tire anymore. To cut […]
Caring For Your Wiper Blades Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Caring for Your Wiper Blades

Have you ever wondered how often you should be replacing your windshield wiper blades? Many wiper blade manufacturers recommend replacement to happen every 6 months to […]
Minor Accidents and Car Damage Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Minor Accidents and Car Damage

If you think you can just ignore minor fender benders, think again. It’s true that car models today are built safer than, and safety standards continue […]
Top Reasons For Car Breakdown Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Top Reasons Why Cars Break Down

Miracle Body and Paint lists down three most common causes of roadside breakdowns, what to do when they happen, and how to prevent them. A Dead Battery […]
Why Mixing Tires Is A Bad Idea Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Why Mixing Tires Is A Bad Idea

If we lived in a perfect world, all of our four tires would wear out at the same time, and everyone could afford to replace the […]
Why You Need A Wheel Alignment Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Why You Need A Wheel Alignment

Your vehicle will be needing a little bit of TLC and maintenance after the long winter months. A lot of car owners don’t consider wheel alignment […]