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repairing Vs Replacing auto body parts

Can It Be Repaired Or Does It Need to Be Replaced? – Part II

Nearly 400 auto accidents occur every day in San Antonio. Auto Body and Paint shops around the city must decide whether a particular part of a […]

Can A Tow Truck take Me To The Body Shop?

If you have an accident and need a tow truck, you can call a towing service and have your car picked up right away. Many shops […]

How to Know You Got a Reputable Collision Repair Center

Insurance companies have a list of (collision repair) shops that they recommend to people who are in need of car repair due to a collision. The […]

How to Go Through the Collision Repair Process

Things can get a little confusing after a car crash incident. Concerns like getting medical help and negotiating with the other party (or parties) involved in […]

Car Maintenance Tips (Part I): Telling Car Problems by Sense of Sight and Smell

Car maintenance can prevent costly repair jobs in the future. (Auto accident)s as well as wear and tear can cause parts of a car to malfunction. […]

Filing a Auto Accident Report in Texas

There is no telling when a car crash might happen. In any state in America, there is always a possibility of getting in a car crash. […]

Tips on Car Rust Prevention

When a car problem involves rust, it must be a cause for concern. Repairs that deal with rust problems can be costly and extensive. Rust damage […]

The Importance of Repainting a Car

Repainting a car is an integral part of the repair process after an auto collision. A car repaint job with the use of quality paint not […]

Things to Do After Filing an Insurance Claim

It is always possible to face many challenges after surviving a car crash. Costly (collision repair) jobs, medical treatments and insurance claims are just a few […]

Paying for Car Collision Damages

Car accidents can result in body injuries and severe damages to a car. A car accident insurance policy can pay for the damages, however. In Texas, […]
Miracle Body & Paint Delivers Top Quality Customer Service San Antonio Texas

Miracle Body & Paint Delivers Top Quality Customer Service

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio aims to deliver quality experience to all our customers. Starting from the moment our customers contact us, we want […]
Making Your Vehicle Look New Again Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Make Your Vehicle Look New Again

A lot of us consider our cars as our babies, our pride and joy. Unfortunately, time can take its toll and its only natural for our […]
The Process of Auto Body Repair Miracle San Antonio Texas

The Process of Auto Body Repair

It can be very traumatic to be involved in an auto accident. Fortunately, getting your car up and running again is pretty painless. If this is the […]
How To Compare Repair Estimates Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

How to Compare Repair Estimates

A lot of car owners who bring in a car for repair often focus on its estimate price. Price is considered an important factor, but there […]
A San Antonio Collision Center with 5 Star Reviews Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

A San Antonio Collision Center with 5 Star Reviews

When we’re looking for a new business or service, we don’t directly ask the business about their service. Instead, We ask a family or a friend who’s […]