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Top Items to Keep in Your Vehicle’s Emergency Kit This Winter

Going by the recent snowstorms, everyone should be ready for such kinds of scenarios in the future. You can easily get stranded in extreme weather conditions […]

Handy Tips to Avoid Auto Collisions

Auto collisions can be life-threatening and traumatic, and they can happen in the blink of an eye. However careful you drive, some accidents are inevitable, and […]

Everyday Things That Damage Your Car’s Paint

Maintaining the perfect paint job is easier said than done! It is not the big stuff that damages the paintwork on your car but the minor […]

Different Types of Rear-End Collision Damage

Rear-end collisions are easily the commonest auto accidents in the U.S., translating to around 40% of all auto accidents. Therefore, it is crucial for all drivers […]

Damaging Habits That Are Hurting Your Car

Are you aware that there habits that have become part of your daily routine that are potentially harming your vehicle? These are habits that you tend […]

Four Most Dangerous Highways in Texas

Highways can be very dangerous for cars. In Texas, there are highways that are known to have frequent   accidents. Below you will find a list of […]

Rollover Crashes: Injuries and Types of Cars Involved

Rollover crashes are accidents that have caused the deaths of many car occupants. Rollover crashes make up thirty five percent of all deaths because of highway […]

Snowstorm Made San Antonio Roads Dangerous to Vehicles

San Antonio can experience weather conditions that endanger the car occupants on the roads. According to an article on, on  February 17, 2021 freezing rain […]

Types of Bad Weather

Weather conditions can make the roads unsafe for people driving a car. A snowstorm, for example, can cause auto collisions and even road obstructions. There are […]

Why Bad Weather Causes Car Accidents

The U.S.  Department of Transportation reported that bad weather accounts for more than 12,000 car accidents in America every year, according to an article on […]

Freeing a Claimant of Fault in Bad Weather Accident (Part I)

The weather in Texas has caused many road accidents in the state. In an event that an accident happens due to weather conditions like a snowstorm, […]

Making Roads a Safer Place for Pedestrians

Avoiding pedestrian accidents is a responsibility of a person behind the wheel. According to an article on, pedestrian accidents can be severe due to the […]

How Teens Can Prevent Road Accidents

Car accidents can present many problems for teens. A car accident usually results in hospitalization and even lawsuits, but all of them can be avoided. According […]

Car Accident Types and Resulting Injuries

Car accidents are a huge problem in Texas. Many people have been injured or killed because of an auto collision. So, it is important to exercise […]

Dangers of Auto Collisions in Texas

Car accidents can lead to tragic outcomes. It is fortunate if a car accident only leads to costly car repairs and lawsuits. There are times that […]