September 15, 2015

You Are Our Number 1 Priority

“Will this auto body repair shop prioritize me or my insurance company?” Make sure you ask yourself this question before deciding which auto body and paint […]
September 14, 2015

What You Need To Know About Repair Estimate

Being involved in an auto accident is always a stressful experience. Aside from the stress of having to deal with a damaged car, you now have to get an […]
September 14, 2015

Caring for Your Car’s Paint Job

A car’s paint job is considered one of the most noticeable features  that other people use to judge you on how well you take care of your […]
September 11, 2015

All You Need to Know About Wheel Repair

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas provides some valuable information about wheel repair. Do I need a wheel repair? Wheel repair may be necessary […]